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At Ingrid Takis Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves in our approach to therapy which we achieve through a combination of education and passion! Our approach is to establish the source of pain, to treat accordingly, and not to simply manage symptoms. Not only are we passionate about physiotherapy, we are constantly expanding our knowledge of evidence-based and holistic approaches to therapy to ensure that we offer the best possible treatment available.

Over the past few years, Ingrid has embarked on expanding her knowledge and underwent training and qualified as a Thermographer in the US. Ingrid is exceptionally passionate about Thermography and has expanded her service offering by adding this non-invasive, non-contact and alternative method to her Practice.

Biography – Ingrid Takis

I obtained my Degree in Physiotherapy at Pretoria University in 1980. Thereafter, I did my community service training at Steve Biko Hospital for a period of two years, whereby I gained a wide range of skills, and truly found my passion for Physiotherapy.

After completing my community service, I opened up my own private practice at Flora Clinic, where I treated and cared for both private patients, as well as the patients within the Cardio-Thoracic ICU, Neurological ICU and General Wards. I gained an even larger range of skills and knowledge whilst working under the doctors, specialists and surgeons in these wards, learning the fundamentals of medical care, and the warning signs of an extensive range of illnesses and diseases. Working so closely with these medical professionals furthermore allowed me to build professional relationships with these doctors, which has proven to be extremely helpful and beneficial to my patients over the years.

Whilst at Flora, I furthermore oversaw and managed a team of Physiotherapists. We all shared the responsibility of rehabilitating post-surgery patients, as well as the general physiotherapy required by in-patients for a variety of reasons.

During this time, I was then chosen to travel with the Men’s Hockey Team to the Inter-Provincial Tournaments, where I attended to the sports injuries sustained by the players, as well as their later rehabilitation; and was furthermore required to keep the players in their optimum physical states.

After I had my children, I closed my practice at Flora Clinic and decided to move my work closer to home. I opened a new practice, Ingrid Takis Physiotherapy, at The Gym at the Dimension-Data Campus, and carried on my business there for 10 years, during which time I was introduced to Meditherm. I immediately attended to qualifying as a thermographer in order to bring this technology to South Africa and join in the fight against breast cancer through the early detection that Meditherm offers. I thereafter moved to my current practice, comprising of both Meditherm and physiotherapy, at Sloane Square.

I am presently focusing on both Meditherm and my physiotherapy, whilst still providing my services to the competitive sporting sphere, travelling annually to the National Tennis Tournament in Bloemfontein to treat the tennis players and keep them performing at their best. However, my main focus is to be there for my private patients, and attending to their overall health and well- being through the two facets of my practice.

By profession, we assess, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that restore or improve motor functions, maximise movement, relieve pain and treat or prevent challenges associated with injury and other ailments or disorders. We use a broad range of physical therapies and techniques including movement, massage, ultrasound, heating, dry needling and strapping.  We specialise in re-aligning the spine. (Wheel Balancing)
At Ingrid Takis Physiotherapy, we are patient centred and here to support people affected by illness, injury and disability through therapy, movement, exercise, education and advice. Our services are based on our approach to assist with maintaining health for people of all ages to manage pain and prevent disease.
Physiotherapists are first line practitioners.   This means that you do not need to be referred by a doctor. Make no mistake about it, we are medically trained and qualified to assess and diagnose all patients who seek physical therapy as a treatment option.

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