Welcome to Ingrid Takis Physiotherapy

Our Practice offers more than 20 years of hands on physiotherapy experience for the treatments of a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Ingrid Takis is a highly trained Physiotherapist who has earned a reputation for providing superior care and treatment.

We are patient centred and here to support people affected by illness, injury and disability through therapy, movement, exercise, education and advice. Our services are based on our approach to assist with maintaining health for people of all ages to manage pain and prevent disease.

We are conveniently located at No 2 Aillion Close, Waterford Estate, Fourways and our rates are accepted by most major medical aids.



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Physiotherapists are first-line practitioners

As a Physiotherapist, we are first line practitioners, this means that you do not need to be referred by a doctor. Make no mistake about it, we are medically trained and qualified to assess and diagnose all patients who seek physical therapy as a treatment option.

By profession, we assess, plan and implement rehabilitative programs that restore or improve motor functions, maximise movement, relieve pain and treat or prevent challenges associated with injury and other ailments or disorders. We use a broad range of physical therapies and techniques including movement, massage, ultrasound, heating, dry needling and strapping.  We specialise in re-aligning the spine. (Wheel Balancing)

Over the past few years, Ingrid has embarked on expanding her knowledge and underwent training and qualified as a Thermographer in the US. Ingrid is exceptionally passionate about Thermography and has expanded her service offering by adding this non-invasive, non-contact and alternative method to her Practice.


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Accepted by most
Medical Aids